David F. Lopez's Portfolio

About the Artist

Hello friends!  Thank you for your patronage as I produce art and print imagery exhibiting God's love, wonder, and magnificence.  As a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is my heartfelt desire to use my art for (1) glorifying God  (2) furthering the Gospel and (3) meeting needs both tangible and intangible in a terribly desperate, dying, and destitute world.

BIOGRAPHY - Artist David F. Lopez

Born in Lafayette, Louisiana and raised as "David Frank," David spent most of his life in Houston, TX and now resides in the Bay Area of California.  He graduated from Houston Baptist University with a Bachelor of Arts - a double major in art and writing.  David's favorite style of art is printmaking which he enjoys creating on his own etching press.

From an early age, David beheld a wonder of Jesus and an uncommon desire for evangelism.   He grew up to become a passionate artist, writer, gospel rapper, and poet.  David uses his gifts as evangelical tools for ministry to the Church and to a lost and hurting world.  While blessed with multiple creative talents, David's greatest gift is his art, and he devotes all creative gifts back to his Creator.  

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